Which Types Of Carpets Are The Easiest To Clean

No doubt, carpets give an amazing touch to your house but maintaining a carpet can be back-breaking. If you will not be able to clean them properly, they will start habiting infectious bacterias which is not good for your health. Not only that cleaning a carpet is burdensome but drying it is even more exhausting. But there are several types of carpets which can be easily maintained. So before selecting new flooring for your house this is the main factor that you should consider. This blog consists of a list of carpets that are easiest to clean. The types of carpets which can be cleaned easily are mentioned below.

  • Nylon Fibers Carpet

Carpets made of Nylon are very durable and can be cleaned pretty easily. Vacuuming them on a regular basis can make them look as good as newly bought for many years. Although, yes, nylon carpets can be very expensive. But if you will consider them for the long run, they can save you a ton of money because of their endurance.

  • Wool Carpet

Carpets made of wool are the best option to stick with if you want a carpet that is easiest to clean. Wool is not only water-resistant but it also has very low static electricity. Because it is water repellent if you spill anything liquid on it, the liquid beads up which makes it very easy for you to clean it. Also, because of its low static electricity feature, it does not attract much dust and dirt. However, wool carpets are very expensive but they will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Dense Fiber Carpets

Dense carpets are easier to clean because it does not let the dust and debris settle in its bottom base. This is why vacuuming away the dirt from dense carpets is pretty simple. As well as because of their thickness, if you spill anything liquid on it, it will take a lot of time to settle in. This will give you sufficient time to wipe it off.

  • Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is made up of looped fiber. These carpets are best for areas that are busiest and have high traffic. These carpets can survive even if you do not vacuum them regularly because of the looped fiber. It can perfectly hide dirt and dust. No matter how dirty the carpet will get, you will not be able to spot any dirt on the Berber carpet.

  • Dark Coloured Carpets

If the carpets in your house get dirty very easily or if you have children and pets at home which is why your carpet gets regularly stained then using a dark colour carpet will be very beneficial. Dark neutral colours can be used as a disguise to make your carpet look clean even if it gets dirty. Spotting a stain on a darker carpet will be pretty difficult. Although, living with a dirty carpet is very unhygienic so you should still clean your carpet on a regular basis.

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